The Darwin Roulette System

How the father of evolutionary theory made the casinos go bust!

Charles Darwin was a man of many talents. Geologist, biologist, botanist and father to one of the most revolutionary scientific theories in history.

Darwin travelled the world by ship, looking for evidence for his scientific theories. Travelling at that time was rough, and the young Darwin must definitely have seen a thing or two in the seaports of Chile or Cape Town, including seamen gambling and loosing their entire personal fortune – as would have happened frequently at the time.

Not only was Darwin a great scientist who could put out some serious work (he wrote three thick science books within ten years, and published substantial scientific contributions every year until his death) he was also a man of many passions and hobbies. He was a keen botanist, a loving and caring father to ten children and was keenly interested in hydrotherapy.

A little known hobby of Darwin however, was gambling. This is something that is evident in his writings, and at one point in a letter to a cousin, he remarks that his life absorbing task of mapping the evolution of species gives him a thrill ”like the pleasure of gambling”!

darwin roulette system

Darwin lived at the high point of roulette history

On his many travels, Darwin would have been exposed to many forms of gambling, such as card plays and so forth.

However, it should also not be overlooked that Darwin lived at a time when roulette was just coming into vogue in the entire western world: Already in 1796 it was played in Paris, and the rumour of the exciting and volatile game played in the cultural capital of the world would quickly have spread all over Europe.

Even more significant, it was in 1843 that the single zero roulette game was introduced in the German spa casino town of Bad Homburg, effectively setting the standard for present day roulette game play.

This would have been just when Darwin was at a virtual high point of his career, and he would have frequented exclusive gentlemen circles where gambling more likely than not may have been part of the amusements.

It may seem curious why Darwin’s gambling passion is so little known, but the obvious answer was that gambling in 19. Century Britain was seen as licentious and daring, and not something for gentlemen of Darwin’s social stature.

Thus it would have been a topic he would have refrained from even in his private writings. However, as noticed above, there are some indications of a strong interest in gambling in his letters!

Natural selection and the roulette

In fact, it may seem that gambling could have been a sort of inspiration to Darwin, and that the dynamics found in casino games is something that prevails in his theories on natural selection, in which he frequently use the metaphors of chance, luck and randomness to characterize the process of passing of genes to offspring.

There is little doubt that Darwin would have approached the roulette with both cunning and cool calculation. He would view every spin of the roulette in the same way that he viewed the evolution of life.

One of the things that characterize natural selection and DNA is natural selection. Individuals that do well with natures limited resources will reproduce more, and thus their gene pool will become more prevalent over time.

What should be kept in mind is that nature and DNA in the Darwinist view can basically be expressed as a simple cost/benefit calculation. This is what is often expressed in simple words as ”survival of the fittest”.

Everything in nature follows some very basic principles, and even the seemingly most advanced natural processes can be expressed through mathematics. Thus, while it may seem that a chance game such and roulette and the passing on of DNA in animals are two very different things, actually, they are not!

darwin roulette system
an illustration of natural selection from Darwins many illustrations

A system based on hot and cold numbers

Now, pertaining to roulette, some people fringe at the thought of “hot numbers”, but it cannot be denied that the roulette will often exhibit some very curious patterns, hitting the same numbers or related numbers many times within very short playing streaks. Any seasoned gambler can attest to this fact.

The following is an attempt at a Darwinist roulette system following the principles of natural selection. It works by keeping track of the most frequent number outcomes at a roulette table and assuming that the ”hot” numbers will have a higher chance of repeating themselves in certain mathematical aspects.

darwin roulette system

How to play with the Darwin roulette system:

1. Find a roulette table that allows you to view ”hot” and ”cold” numbers, that is, numbers that have appeared a proportionately high and low number of times within the latest hour or so.

2. Write down the past 4 hot numbers on a piece of paper. If the number is lower than 18, multiply by one, if higher, divide by 2. If your number is odd, round up (fx. 3/2=1,5<2=2). Bet on the four numbers resulting from this calculation

3. Other than the four numbers above, choose a number of your own liking. This we call ”The Random Factor”.

4. Look at the 4 hot numbers on your paper again. If the majority of numbers are odd, put bets corresponding to the sum of your 5 number bets on odd. If even, put the sum on even. If there are an equal of odd and even numbers, let your own number bet determine whether you gamble on even or odd.

5. Spin and repeat till you win, up to four times!

An example of the Darwin roulette system:

– Our past 4 hot numbers are: 3, 20, 2 and 27. We split and multiply to the following numbers: 2, 10, 4, 14.

– In this case, we choose 22 as our random factor number. We bet EUR 5 on each number (= EUR 25).

– As there are an equal of odd and even numbers, we let the random factor determine our odd/even bet. 22 is even, so we bet EUR 25 (the sum of our number bets) on even.

– If one of our numbers come out, the win will be 5×36 = EUR 180. This will leave us a surplus of EUR 110 (180-50).

– If even comes out, our win will be 25×2 = EUR 50, and we will break even.

– The best possible outcome will be to hit one of our even numbers. In this case, we will win EUR 230 and have a surplus of EUR 180. Not bad with a EUR 5 bet!

– We will repeat our bet up to 4 times. After that, we will re-do our calculation according to the hot number sequence.

– As with any betting system, there is no guarantee of a win, but a fair chance of one is definitely present.

No need for Martingale!

The great thing about the Darwin roulette system is that you don’t have to use the martingale system, which can be potentially very dangerous for your money is you let passion get the best of you. You will still have plenty profit from this bet even if you initially lose a couple of times!

However, if you are willing to take a high risk play, you could easily apply the Martingale strategy to the Darwin roulette system with potentially huge gains in result.

We recommend that you begin with smaller bets and work your way up as your money multiplies.

Good luck!